No one wants to accept that sexism still exists in the business world, but the reality is, it does. Recently, an advertising industry initiative called the ‘3 Percent Conference’ held at Manhattan centered on women at the advertising industry’s upper echelons, and the results were humbling.

For instance, the effect of not recruiting women to key leadership roles at marketing firms has resulted in commercials that don’t align with the general public sentiment and has led companies to lose considerable talent and innovation as women take up their skills elsewhere because they don’t believe they have enough opportunities.

All good Online Women Executive Coaches would tell you that the best training relationships are those, which are personalized to the needs of the client. In general, while there are exceptions, the coaching needs of women vary from those of men, as women prefer to lead differently.

Challenges Faced By Female Executives 

Misplaced notions about the fairer sex

Unfortunately, outdated myths, including the old fallacy that women “don’t cut out” for leadership roles still exist, though they are far less prevalent than they once were. In fact, both men and women have substantially different views of the opportunities available to women. While the overwhelming majority of men agree that women have as many (or more) chances to succeed as men do, however, just slightly over half of the women feel that way. So, it can be easy for men to sum up that not having many women in top leadership positions can be attributed to the fact that they intentionally don’t want to be there.

Inappropriate behaviors

Another conventional roadblock female professional experience is offensive and gender-related misconduct at all levels of the workforce. Maybe we don’t like believing it’s there, but that doesn’t make it go.

Women need to know that this is where the vast majority of their male colleagues have their back. But men might not always feel confident taking a stand and calling out their offending male colleagues for their behavior. It is just too easy for men who make insulting remarks to write it off as “just a pun” and urge everybody else to “lighten up.” Eventually, this inappropriate conduct needs to end.

The “Glass Cliff”

Possibly one of the most critical trends in the most recent year for women being at the top is known as the “glass cliff.” Often females are mostly recruited for C-level roles simply because, so far, hiring men in such positions hasn’t worked out too well in the past. Often, though, the reasons men did not work out in those top positions had nothing to do with their sex and all to do with how they run the business. As a result, women may be recruited for senior positions in crisis organizations and may join the C-suite with decks stacked against them.

This trend does not necessarily set women up for failure as they dissipate assumptions of what they are and are not capable of as leaders when they actually turn things around. Sadly, in what is indeed a difficult situation when they do fail, it just strengthens the assumptions that women “can’t” lead. Again, this is an idea that has to be firmly pushed back.

Besides offering technical training to succeed at the various executive and leadership roles, Online women executive coaches help women build mental toughness and analytical thinking to overcome such challenges, which are part of the game when you are leading the business from the top.

Bespoke Coaching

Online women executive coaches have a significant role to play in creating the female corporate leaders of tomorrow.

Essentially, the training has to be personalized to an individual’s specific requirements. All have different leadership and communication types. An experienced and skilled executive coach comprehends this from the beginning and accordingly devises a course that helps bring out the best.

Online Women Executive Coaches often begin by getting to know you, including your management style and conversational skills, and listening to what you intend to achieve during the entire coaching process. It may include identifying potential barriers that you are likely to encounter in your workplace— these could be gender-related or other factors such as ethnicity or age.

In the end, women require the same executive coaching outcomes as men do—They need to become more effective leaders. Yet achieving the result cannot take the same course— even among individuals who might seem quite similar. Consequently, what Online women executive coaches do is use a thorough evaluation methodology to understand how a person interacts, how they behave and lead, and how their overall personality is, before devising an appropriate training program for them.

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