If you are not currently an Executive Level employee or do not own your own business do not fret. Metromax provides a career coaching service that is geared for women who are strictly looking to progress within their career. This entails recent graduates looking for their first job, women looking to change careers, or any woman who could use professional help brainstorming and creating solutions on how they are going to accomplish their career goals. Our coaches work on you for you in these sessions. looking to make you a more prepared and valuable employee or Our female career coach is applicant.

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Our Career Coaches and career coaching for women primary focus is your individual growth. In these sessions we focus on what career path makes sense for you depending on your personality, characteristics, likes, and dislikes. After compiling career coaching for women online, we will work together to find the most exciting opportunities for you and that’s just the beginning.

A common misconception is that once you’ve graduated college or been in the workforce for a year or two you can easily get a job. This is the furthest from the truth. Our female entrepreneur coach for women going to work with you to understand the intricacies of resume building, best practices for filling out applications, expecting and understanding usually asked interview questions and much more.

We are going to prepare you for success no matter what avenue you choose. Our knowledgeable and experienced coaches have helped women in all sectors land the jobs they’ve always dreamed of. It is your turn next, what are you waiting for?

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